Introducing our domestic compliance services.

Amongst the many questions you should be asking yourself as an employer, is how much should you be paying your domestic worker/ household helper. HHMCS has added on a compliance service to assist you in your household compliance such as the minimum wage and compliance as an employer which is UIF & COIDA.

Minimum wage adjustment?

The 2021 minimum wage, assuming 160 hours worked in a month, equated to R3,054 for domestic workers at R19.09 an hour. In 2022, this will increase to R3,710 at R23.19 an hour – an increase of 21.5%.

Earnings for domestic workers in Gauteng are 8% higher than in the Western Cape and 27% higher than the rest of South Africa.


How are households impacted?

As an employer you firstly comply with the minimum wage, have a contract in place with your employer and make monthly declaration of 2% of your employees’ salary to the UIF.

1% must be your own contribution as an employer and the other 1% comes from the employee. It is the employer’s responsibility to pay over the full 2% though. This payment must be made before the 7th of every month to the department of labour. 

How can we assist you with compliance?

Once you have signed up for our compliance services, we serve as an advisory board and assistant in ensuring that you are compliant. We assist you with a contract template and monthly declarations to the department of labour. Furthermore, in the event where your employee needs to claim or there is termination and appointment of more employees, we are able to assist. We are in contact with you on a monthly basis to ensure that the contractual terms are still in place, UIF declarations are done on time and to also be your informant on industry changes

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